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Choosing the right Art for your home.

The Art that you choose to go in to your home is one of the most personal parts of decorating - here I share some of our stockists, my thoughts and experiences and some top tips for getting that perfect picture, building a gallery wall and even how to hang it.

Social media has revolutionised us being able to access art more than ever, with the term “poster” a thing of the past! It’s all about the “print” allowing artists to produce affordable art on mass straight to our fingertips! and we are getting more and more of it into our homes.

Hot trends such as home gallery walls, placing bold art work in unlikely places in and around the home from the kitchen to the staircase, home accessories from faux animal skulls to wall hanging ceramics, neon lighting, typography and the come back of macramé; we are learning to embrace a new alternative in accessorising our homes by adorning our walls and Kissed by Betty tries to bring this to you too.

Becoming a Mineheart stockist really gave the shop its stamp! After seeing the infamous Bubblegum series I was hooked by their high end prints created by Young & Battaglia who take inspiration from classical mid 17th Century art, putting their modern twist, producing some of the most fun high end quality prints - which are definitely worth the investment suiting all types home decor. Available in a range of sizes and fittings - they offer timeless pieces that you won't regret purchasing.

Our Mineheart Betty favorite has to be the Bubblegum Series which first got my attention and has been one of our customer favorites too - these beautiful prints are available as a whole series with their simple black

frame working well on their own or leaves you the option to be framed in something a bit more ornate, allowing for a real personal bespoke touch. The pop of pink and the quirky humor on such a traditional piece of art makes them a real fun and unique statement for any wall. Our Mineheart second most popular collection is the Submerged series - these again take a collection of traditional works of art, using a clean block of colour picked from muted tones to ‘submerge’ its subject making them truly quite stunning in a parallel sense of something so simple yet striking.

From Mineheart prints to two incredible UK based women who have firmly put their place within the art print market.

Looking to build a gallery wall? Or enjoy play on words? Pea & Me and Doodlemoo have used their everyday lives to bring you the most beautiful and affordable Art to accessorise your home. Available in standard sizes A5 to A3 allowing you to easily purchase and frame the work yourself. This not only makes them the perfect gift, it also allows you to move them around the home or change frames according to your style which won't break the bank and which are easily accessible and all available to order through Kissed by Betty.

Buying fun prints in this way is not just a easy and affordable way to decorate, it is also supporting two incredible independent businesses Win Win!

Looking to brighten up your wall? (Literally) Northern based Neon Lighting company Light Up North - produces some of the most beautiful and hand crafted neon lights to be a real show stopper of a feature - for me when I think neon it has to be the classic “Cocktail” sign - using neon art work really does give that retro vibe and for me throws me back straight back to the 80’s and I love it (Tom Cruise might be in that vision but who can blame me!) - using fun pun phrases or your own personalised phrase these really are worth their investment as they create and change the feeling and focus in any room. Looking for a personal Neon Light? If you have a phrase or word you want turned into bright lights really adding a personal touch to your home then do please get in touch and I can help.

In-house I always have original artwork, which is sourced from independent artists as an opportunity to show casework in Petworth. Currently on display Norwegian artist Susanne Scandy whose work is dark and evocative of your moods as well as her original series of using traditional works of art putting her own twist on. The other is Christina Harp - an American artist based in West Sussex who has recently launched her art career. Predominantly working from pallet to print - her work is printed on to fabric. I currently have some of her originals on display. Chrissy uses bold brush strokes and colour - I am so proud to be able to showcase both their work here in the shop.

So when buying, choosing fine art, show stopping prints or a piece of decorative home- ware designed to adorn your walls you may want to ask yourself some questions.

Do I like this picture? Like, really like it?

Choosing art is like falling in love - if you can't stop thinking about it and visioning it in your home then the answer is YES buy it! Choosing something so personal that makes you smile every time you see it, it's a definite.

Shall I buy Art as an investment?

Yes and No....

Yes if you do your research on the artist and you can come up with some good solid evidence that investing is worth it, then go for it. But my advice is, who knows what the future holds - buy it because you love it. Art is subjective and always will be - buy it because it brings you joy and no doubt those you love will enjoy it too!

Can I try the artwork before I buy it?

One of my first full time jobs was working for a commercial art gallery - which showed me, offering this service was definitely a good thing to do. All good commercial art galleries should allow you to try a painting out before committing to the final purchase (deposits and card details would be required). For more commercial prints really make the most of that invaluable third eye! Take your time to close your eyes to really create that picture in your mind of where you vision it in your home. If you are concerned about sizing use newspapers, cutting to size placing it where you want the picture to go. Here at Kissed by Betty I offer a full refund on all items in a resalable condition to give you that further peace of mind.

How do I build a gallery wall? Where do I start in building my gallery wall?

So many inspiring accounts on Instagram showcasing some really stunning gallery walls its often hard to know where to start! My advice is to map it out first! Put the hammer down and get back out the newspaper! You can either mimic the sizes of your collections of art work and map it out on the wall - this not only helps you on placing things it also helps you gauge where you're going to be putting them and in the right place ensuring they will be the correct distance away from one another. If you using an array of different styles of art work and frames then start mapping them all out on the floor. Work out the area and you will be using on the wall and start placing them out. Another top tip is to photograph them at this point - sometimes when we see things in stills it gives a different perspective and can be really helpful on the eye! Start from the middle and work your way out. I always really like the ones that use an eclectic mix of art and different styles of frames, so don’t be afraid as the whole outcome is the final piece! Not just the pictures themselves.

What’s the best way to hang my artwork?

Picture hooks!

(From moving a lot) I’m the guilty impatient type who used to whack nails in willy nilly (yes I know I even worked in an art gallery, I should know better!) with age has finally come wisdom in the form of picture hooks which you can purchase very easily and cheaply from all good home ware shops. These will not only ensure your pictures hang straight and safe they are a lot less damaging to the wall in the long run. To ensure your picture is straight measure with your eye against the frame work of the room - i.e. the straight skirting board which is below, the line of the ceiling which is above, door frames or even a window. With your smart phone not being a million miles away use the spirit level app! This is also good for gallery wall builds too! And finally ask a friend - a second set of eyes and hands will always work better!

Art for me in my house is one of the most important elements in making it my home. Don’t be afraid to get Art that others may not like - Art is an incredible personal choice and as I say subjective - choose it because it makes you happy and makes your house a home too x

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